EVS projects 2016_17


Legambiente Prato is currently looking for motivated EVS volunteers to take part in our 2 projects (EVS projects are both approved from our national agency).  We warmly encourage volunteers from France, Cyprus (project n.1) and Belarus, Croatia, Spain and Latvia to send us their candidatures at: evs@legambienteprato.it

Deadline: until positions are full-filled. Any details and information for applicants are written in the following pdf files (to read carefully)

Evs 2016_17_a        EVS 2016_17_b


EVS project 1: APPROVED

Title of EVS Project: A climate for Youngsters

Activity period: 01-10-2016 until 25-09-2017

Number of Volunteers: 2 volunteers (from Cyprus and France)

Age_ 18–>30

EVS project 2: APPROVED

Title of EVS Project: Be Globally Local: Erasmus+ inside our land

Activity period: 05-01-2017 until 04-01-2018

Number of Volunteers: 4 volunteers (from Spain, Belarus, Croatia, Latvia)

Age_ 18–>30